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Four Bridesmaid Dresses Online birthday Party wishes It's my birthday tomorrow, so i'm giving myself an early birthday present:A shorter column.Many happy returns.And in keeping with the birthday theme namely, focusing on me, myself, and i here's a list of four things that would make my birthday peachy keen.1)A long run for the freshmen:This season we've an uncharacteristic number of great new shows, many with more than a smattering of genrey goodness included in their dramatic mix.Battlestar galactica.House.Veronica mars.And, of course, the juggernaut, lost.Bsg proved wrong every armchair critic who sneered at the idea of returning to a well many didn't think held much water the first time around, much less 30 years later.House proved that the parts can sometimes be more important than the whole by giving us one of the most memorable characters in TV history in the form of Dr. GregoryHouse (Not to mention flabbergasting those of us who only associated hugh laurie with his classic, foppish performances in black adder).Veronica mars gave us a new heroine worthy of the best of Joss Whedon's Prom Dresses Australia female characters (Not to mention that kristen bell is quite the cutie), Ball Gown Wedding Dresses a rock solid supporting cast, and damn near a noteperfect first season.And lost.Lost was simultaneously the most addictive and the most frustrating of them all.We may not be stranded on the island with jack, locke, kate, sawyer, and the rest, but that doesn't mean we're in any hurry to leave.With so many shows coming so strong out of the gate, it's going to be a nervewracking second season to see if all make it to the finish line with their quality intact, or stumble and plant their face in the dirt midway.Let's hope that, several years down the line, these shows are more24(Reinventing itself as needed to stay fresh and engaging)Than alias(Reinventing itself in a desperate big for ratings, only to wind up even further from what made it compelling in the first place).2)A new batch of classics and surprises:We've got a bumper crop of new genre shows coming this season, from a remake of a cult classic(The night stalker), to a monsterhunting road trip(Supernatural), to three separate tales of strange creatures involving water(Threshold, fathom, and the aptly titled invasion).How many will survive? Will any of them find the runaway success of LOST or DESPERATEHouseWIVES?Even amongst those that survive, how many forays into the fantastic does the viewing public have the patience and the viewing time to support?And which show will pull a medium and catch me completely by surprise.Personally, i'll be ecstatic if we get even one show as strong as the best of this past season. (And while i won't rate them that high, i've already seen several pilots that are worth your valuable44 minutes.But more on that once we're closer to premiere season. )3)All my lost favorites on dvd:Thank god for tv on dvd:Last salvation of the prematurely cancelled series.But as happy as i am to have wonderfalls and murder one on my shelf, i'm still sadly lacking strange luck, the others, american gothic, and vr5(Remember giles with an earring? ).At least we have one promising development to look forward to:Space:Above and beyond is finally getting a release!4)A little more straczynski:I realize the guy's busy with all the comics and whatnot, but i'd love to see jms return to the tube in proper form.B5 was perhaps a onceinalifetime success as far as surviving all five years to(More or less)Complete his vision as originally conceived.But everything since then has either been a victim of creative interference(Crusade, jeremiah)Or uneven writing that seems to suggest that perhaps joe's heart just wasn't in it(Legend of the rangers).At this point, i think i'd rather never see another return to the babylon 5 universe, simply because it's been tried three times now(Counting the aborted plans for a feature film)And it certainly seems as if it isn't meant to be.And that's fine, because the story straczynski set out to tell is complete and resting atop my shelf, ready to be explored whenever i like.But what i would like is for joe to return to the airwaves with something entirely new.There have been several near misses(His nevercompleted collaboration with chris carter, the world on fire, and whatever the hell his mysterious polaris project for scifi was), but none have borne fruit beyond rumors and whisperings.Of course, i don't blame the guy if he's in no hurry to return to the televisual trenches after fighting to keep his show on the air for five years and writing damn near the entire second half of the show by himself.Keep your head and hands inside the television, folks. (Season finale)From the earth to the moon(9 PM CST, TCM)One of dr.Rebecca locke and company venture down just that boulevard while investigating a series of rapestrangulation murders.30 DAYS(9 PM CST, FX) "Minimum wage. "Super size me's morgan spurlock takes his act to tv, premiering a new series where each week he'll dump people into unfamiliar surroundings and see what happens.Tonight, spurlock and his fianc see what it's like to live on minimum wage for a month. (Series premiere) THURSDAY, JUNE16THE NUTTY PROFESSOR (6:20 PM CST, Starz)And this is the same eddie murphy that quentin tarantino supposedly wants to put in his longdelayed wwii epic, inglorious bastards.And neither should you.However, tonight's episode will prove a fertile ground for jokes at the expense of wang chung and night rangers, so have at thee.12 MONKEYS (10 PM CST, SciFi)Never before or since has drooling played so key a role in a bit of cinematic fiction.And i don't know about you, but i think alfred could take him.Justice league unlimited(8 PM CST, Cartoon Network) "Mystery inSpace. "The thanagarian formerly known as hawkgirl leads vigilante and vixen on a deepspace mission.

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