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As great deals on pandora charms lagos dealer battles with government over car (free next day in-store delivery.) shop As lagos dealer battles with government Pandora over car Pandora Charms shop Trouble might be looming between a lagos entrepreneur, mister.Olufemi olonilua and officials of the local government over an alleged demolition of a building on a road setback, located in ikoyi perhaps the state.Daily independent gathered that the property or house, in areas at no.16 f, Forehead Road, Off Kingsway vehicle, Ikoyi was demolished by officials of the ministry of Physical Planning and Urban incredible evolution, Who had insisted that prior notice was issued until the exercise.In the, olonilua, ceo of adfemson motors limited has cried foul, claiming that he had crucial papers, and that he was being designated in the demolition exercise.He alleged that the officials were being used by the one that sold the place to him, one mister.Lanre lambo, to assist you to resell it to another buyer.Your car dealer, who said he had been operating business on the home since 2003, articulated that he bought the said land, from lambo in 2008 and perfected all the necessary documents at both the federal and state levels, alleging that lambo connived with some local government officials in november 2011, to question to vacate the land for"Beautification and lanscaping your yard purposes, his speech: "I got to 16b forehead road in 2003.Then i was paying rent to lanre lambo who has always been the owner of the place.That time, it's my job to paid him n1million on an annual basis.But also from 2008, he sent me a text that he was going to sell off the place to me.Then i paid dues to both lagos state and federal yearly aside the n1million i paid annually.I bought the site in 2008, having paid the mandatory fees.I perfected my papers from the us government.Then i changed the name to my businesses name.And thus, i went their office in victoria island, where i met one president dosunmu, a top authorised.They asked me to bring all my information which i did.Soon after, they sent me an additional letter, this specific year, i was in the world(North american)When my wife called me all of them came to seal off my office.I immediately called lambo and he said they have sold their house at the back and the people that bought the property are also interested in my own property.I said how could that be workable?He said that it is lagos state that is interested in using my place for beautification and landscaping.We are about six people acording to this place, why is it that it is only my place that these people use for landscaping?He said nothing at all he can do about it, and that i need to see the officials of local government, narrating how a meeting was subsequently held so that they can resolve the issue, he were recalled how on march 29 he told the commissioner of urban and physical planning, oluwatoyin ayinde and the permanent assistant, yetunde ajayi whatever about how he bought the land, they promised to return to us, that never did till today.But on friday july 30th, i just saw a lot of peace officer at my office.We were looking at led by prince dosunmu.They vulnerable to shoot me if i don't quickly vacate the premises with my cars.Even when i was still covering with them, they established pulling down my fences and demolishing my office.They asked me to move out all the cars within 24 hours or else they will tow each phase away, his dearest, omotunde ajayi, who also corroborated her partner's claims, defined: "The painful part was that our office had been sealed before the said meeting while other offices are still operating.They didn't seal mercedes benz, neither did they seal globe machines.It only agreed to be adfemson limited that was sealed.They only invited them for a ending up in the commissioner and permanent secretary after i had complained.I now wrote a letter to them pleading so that they can open our shop so as to enable me deliver sold cars to our clients.All my appeal began deaf ears.They refused to open spot until about two weeks after the meeting.We have lodged a complaint at area f and we have also petitioned new york state governor, babatunde fashola, daily independent learnt that on wednesday, aug 6, officials of the ministry also bull dozed the fences of globe motors but yet, olonilua described it as a calculated ploy by the officials to cover their tracks so as to give the outline that he was not being witch hunted, it is a calculated attempt to deceive members of the public them to be not after me alone.Why did they not repeat this initially, your lover queried.Alternatively, the person in the eye of the storm, lambo denied all the suggestions when contacted by daily independent.He alleged that the particular complainant, who he stated was his good friend, was only trying to paint his image bad in public because he told him to obey the local government and relocate.He claimed that olonilua had attended series of meetings with government officials where they had explained to him that the land and other adjoining ones would be used for beautification purpose using the lagos state model plan but was unwilling to relocate because of his selfish interests, the suggestions are not true.Just about every part he has said is not true.All his attempt is to remain on the federal government setback at all cost, he explained.Also reacting to the suggestions, ayinde, who spoke by way of ajayi, also refused them, stressing that these activities of the task force officials were legal.She maintained that olonilua and other car dealers operating businesses on the setbacks received prior notice before the demolition, what olonilua said that he was not duly informed before the demolition was implemented is not true.We have given them a grace of weeks which elapsed in june.At this point, nevertheless furthermore truly august.Haven't we acted realistically enough?We don't know any lanre lambo, so any accusations that we are colluding with him, should be disregarded by the average person, lagos local government is responsible and responsive and could not have carried out such an exercise without giving adequate notice.There is a right of way which the local government has warned all business owners to vacate.We are operating included in the ambit of the law,


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