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Hazard www.kiss10.com liverpool bound This is from a source close to me that i find crdeible with past rumour but however this may not happen at anypooint in the future please have your own view. There are a few english clubs involved chelsea not being one as we are lead to believe but spurs a shock one for me!Im telling you this because i recently wrote a blog saying if we are not in the top 4 by the transfer window we wouldnt be able to get names such as hazard to the club but i have been told it is still on the cards if we are in a good postion and the terms are right he will consider first click here to see more info team football only! Please do not take this as yes this is fact because it is not its just a rumour from a credible source to me for all you know it could be my little brother however i assure you its Louis Vuitton Belts not and would like to hear what you think on this matter. To say one last thing apparently joe cole is not and never has been a bargaining chip if he stays or leaves lille this has nothing to do with hazard i think this was just kenny Louis Vuitton Handbags Sale and commoli trying to build bridges with lille for future signings not just hazard!


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