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Pregnant with homepage fibromyalgia I am recently married and although we are going on a large trip for our honeymoon in may and not planning to try until afterwards i have been thinking a lot about what will happen when we do.I feel really lost as i don't know where to start.I am 21(I have been told things will go better the younger i am)And was diagnosed with fibro about 3 years ago as well as chronic fatigue, i also suffer from celiac and irritable bowel.How long will it take for me to come off any medication i'm on and what kind of medication will help with pain during pregnancy(I have heard some awful stories)But won't harm baby?Also just things like does it make it harder to conceive and are there any tips people have that will make things a little easier that you wish you knew before you got pregnant. I never went low price on medication before or during.And it's been awful.It took us over two years to get pregnant but i also had endo and dh had some issues.The best thing for me has been having an awesome dh and we spent tons of time explaining, reading and thinking of how this could go down.We made the decision for me to stop working and focus on ttc(Doing fertility treatments)And not work during the pregnancy.We were able to afford it but i know not everyone can. Talk to a obgyn or your re doctor(Not the fertility one lol)About when you should get off all medications.I suggest you get off any birth control right now and use condoms and spermicide and start tracking your body.It will help with the stress and you can start to plan around your cycle.Like when if was coming to my o date i would homepage relax more, try not to start any flare ups, stop any exercising so i would want to baby dance. Also don't be afraid to ask about muscle relaxers during pregnancy.I've been taking percocet and other stuff off and on and it isn't as dangerous and people make it seem.Find an easy going obgyn who is going to sympthize with you and not someone who is so set on giving you nothing and you toughing it out.I couldn't do it and i don't feel guilty at all.They have an app and it's easier to use.Helped me keep order of temps, opk's and my cervix. If you have any questions feel free to ask!I understand where you are coming from, i was 21 when we started trying and we decided to start young so we could separate our children so it would be easier on my body. I found it useful to spend a year going off of most everything i was using for fibro to sort of detox my body.I focused more on exercise, getting to bed early to try to maximize sleep, using pregnancy safe drugs only, and in as limited a way possible.I also got some counseling, and focused on reducing my anxiety, depression, etc., which aggravates the symptoms.People gave me a lot of grief, saying"Why would you put yourself through this now, when you don't need to until you are pregnant? "But, i think it made the transition easier from not pregnant to pregnant and i'm glad i did it. I do some form of light exercise every day for 30 minutes(Which is recommended for pregnant women anyway).I cover myself with various pain patches at night, which my doctor approved and allowed me to use in the first trimester, since it doesn't affect the baby at all.I take tylenol when the pain is really starting to creep up.And, my doctor said it was okay to try unisom for sleep.I take at least two warm showers a day.My husband gives me massages and i sometimes get professional ones.Regarding drugs, when you've detoxed your body a little bit, the ones you thought wouldn't work for you start to work a little better.The tylenol at least takes the edge off, Tiffany Earrings Sale OK and so far, i've avoided a serious flare up. I'm only 17 weeks, so not big yet, but so far, i haven't missed a day of work for fibro(Morning sickness was a different story), and I think that's pretty remarkable.I don't know if i'll be able to keep working until the end(Doubtful), but so far, it's been okay.Not easy, but okay. I've been pretty uncomfortable so far, and it has been tough.I was really scared, too, but i want to be a mom, so i made the conscious decision that i was going to do this!And, you can do it, too.Don't expect it to be a breeze, but it will definitely be worth it, and nine months of being uncomfortable is nothing when you're looking forward to a lifetime with your child. Thanks so much guys, i have made an appointment with my general doctor to discuss a plan for the next rpfew months, and i think i will ask her to refer me to an obgyn.I know it will be hard but i am determined to d it and like you both say, it will be so worth it in the end.I'm glad to hear from someone as young as myself also, i have received a few predjudces from some people but i just keep reminding them and myself that the younger i am the better my body will cope as well as being able to take my time for things. I would love to keep in touch and see how your pregnancy/births go and also ask questions of those who have done it already.I just feel a bit scared when i think about it too muc, it all seems a bit daunting sometimes As for the medicines, the doctor can give you very specific information on what medicines you are on, so detox information for medicines i was on isn't helpful.I would say if there are any surgeries or other serious medical procedures that you have put off then i would go ahead and do them before you start trying.I put off having my gallbladder taken out and it became critical to get it out when i became pregnant so that was a little scary having the both of us in surgery like that.Of course i didn't know, so i don't blame myself, but if i could go back and do things differently i totally would.It seemed like something i could put off indefinitely, but my baby in her wisdom disagreed. ;) I have recently had a baby and my pregnancy was anunplanned, unexpected, welcome suprise as i was told(For other medical reasons)That i would never have a baby.I had to drop all my medications cold immediately and it was hard.Prior to getting pregnant you are going to want to taper off the drugs as they do not want you on anything while pregnant.I lived off of the max dosage of tylenol which didnt do much.But i will tell you there was about a 12-20 week period in my pregnancy where my fibro symptoms disappeared and i fealt amazing.Of course they were replaced with other pregnancy related aches and pains but it was a welcome break. Nowpost partum i am having a very difficult time breaking a flare.But that could happen to any of us, pregnant or not.Dont let fear stand in the way of one of the most beautiful and precious gifts that only you and your spouse can give yourselves, parenthood.If you have any concerns about your own health or the health of your child, you should always consult with a physician or other healthcare professional.Please review the privacy policy and terms of use before using this site.Your use of the site indicates your agreement to be bound by the terms of use.

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